Ancestors of the Husky


Wolf Wolves. Widely known as the dog’s ancestor, is a fierce and powerful predator. Huskies  are the most known (also malamutes) dog breed to look the closest to these beautiful, wild creatures. Huskies are often loved because of they’re resemblance so much to the wolf. Also they are liked (mainly in Alaska and cold/snowy regions) for they’re ability to easily pull a sled. Wolves are very intelligent. The greeks even believed that a wolf’s gaze could strike a person dumb. Wolves are also suited or can adapt to cold weather; they can sleep in up to -50 degrees! They can reach up to 35 mph and can hold a chase of 25 mph for up to 20 minutes. They also have much better senses than normal dogs. The wolf has 42 teeth and can give a bite-pressure of 1500 pounds per square inch! They weigh from 50 to 100 pounds; the females being about 20 percent smaller.

Whimpering and whining= friendliness                                    Growls= Threat                                                                               Bark= Warning or alarm

*People scare very easily by a wolf’s howl.*


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